Environmental Initiatives

Water Use and Reduction

Yoma Strategic acknowledges its responsibility to preserve the quality of the land, water and air and actively work to protect and conserve the land it owns and operates on. The Group’s companies are improving the data collection methodologies relating to water usage. We are also implementing water saving measures across our various business sectors, as well as monitoring our water consumption patterns to identify opportunities for resource conservation. Understanding that safe and readily available water is very important for the community and public health, Yoma Group has assisted in bringing clean water to the people of the Mandat village.

Waste and Effluent

Yoma Strategic is raising awareness on reducing use of single use plastics and the importance of recycling to reduce items being sent to landfill. In addition to implementing guidelines in procurement practices to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse, the Group also advocates for the use of reusable bottles or jars. The Group has been part of the “Refill Not Landfill” campaign since 2018.

The Group’s commitment to caring for the environment and employees play an instrumental role in being part of the collective effort to minimise waste generation, all the employees across all business entities are provided with reusable water bottles, mugs and cups.  To help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, Pun Hlaing Estate has also started to compost organic waste which is later used for landscaping and residential projects.

Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

To raise awareness and highlight the importance of integrating sustainability into the Group’s day-to-day operations, training on its sustainability initiatives, which include topics such as energy conservation and waste reduction are provided to its employees. At the same time, the Group has in place active outdoor air quality monitoring systems at Pun Hlaing Dulwich College and StarCity Dulwich College. Updates on the air quality are provided to all residences on a regular basis. Other initiatives that the Group has undertaken to raise employee’s awareness on environmental stewardship include World Clean Up Day, Earth Hour and Earth Day activities, which the Group has been actively participating since 2018. It is also eliminating or reducing the use of single-use plastics across our various business units so as to minimise harm to the environment. Yoma Group was awarded the Earth Hour Hero Award 2020 in recognition of its actions and efforts to help the environment. The management of climate-related risks and opportunities is an integral part of Yoma Strategic. Beyond meeting standard expectations, the Group encourages individual business units to implement their own initiatives to reduce energy use and waste. The Group has been collecting data from April 2017 across its various subsidiaries to have a better understanding of its energy emissions. Calculations for fuel and electricity data for both buildings and non-buildings which are owned and operated by Yoma Strategic are made available and its energy intensities based on the most relevant metrics for the business segments are reported too. The Group will continue to monitor and evaluate the relevance of the metrics used as its business continues to evolve. For more information, please download our sustainability report here.