Responsible Business

The Group aims to generate good returns to shareholders and other stakeholders who it works with including investors, business partners, customers, local communities and employees.

Ethical Business

The Group is strongly opposed to bribery and all other kinds of corruption. This also extends to its business dealings with third party service providers and vendors. Its steadfast adherence to prudent business principles has seen Yoma Strategic become a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading brands as they look to expand into Myanmar. The Group also has the continued active support of International Finance Corporation (“IFC”), Asian Development Bank (“ADB”) and Dutch Development Bank’s (“FMO”) who are working in partnership to help the Group fulfil its mission according to these same principles.

Employee Wellbeing

Yoma Strategic is setting the benchmark for domestic and international companies operating in Myanmar with its strong commitment to being a responsible employer. The Group is creating a work environment that reflects the best international business has to offer. We invest in our people to build careers around a shared culture of fairness, diversity, empowerment and recognition.

In 2020, the Group has initiated a People 2020 Program, which centred around the four core areas with the aim of caring for its employees using a holistic approach: Eat Well, Save Well, Live Well and Move Well.

For more information, please read our Sustainability Report 2020.