Wave Money

Financial Services is the backbone of the Myanmar economy and Yoma Strategic recognises the need to enable a more efficient flow of money to encourage economic growth in both rural and urban communities. Since 2016, Wave Money has built a substantial financial services platform throughout Myanmar. Its extensive network of 58,000 agents has fueled an over-the-counter remittance business with more than 80% market share. Wave Money’s efforts to expand the digital payments ecosystem in support of its mobile app, WavePay, have also resulted in a wide offering for its users. Wave Money is a leader in driving financial inclusion in Myanmar and, since its inception, has served millions of customers, many of whom reside in rural areas. Wave Money works with small business owners and has collaborated with numerous NGOs to reach over 430,000 beneficiaries over the past three years.

For more information, please visit www.wavemoney.com and Facebook page.