Our shareholders enjoyed a three-day visit to Yangon, Myanmar, from 8-11 January 2024, featuring site visits to key projects and businesses, interactive sessions with our management team, and a rich exchange of insights. Here are some highlights of this journey:

Day 1: Arrival in Yangon: Exploring our Key Businesses

The day kicked off bright and early, with a 7:55am flight from Singapore to Yangon. Despite the early hour, it was delightful to see our enthusiastic shareholders at Changi Airport, a mix of familiar faces from previous trips and newcomers eager to experience our operations in Yangon.

On arrival in Yangon, shareholders were pleasantly surprised by the airport’s modern facilities. During the bus transfer to Pun Hlaing Estate, home to our hotel and one of our three flagship real estate developments, shareholders observed Yangon’s cityscape. The bustling streets scenes from the bus windows provided a glimpse into the blend of urban life and local culture, setting the stage for their exploration of our operations in Yangon.

Settling into the Awei Metta hotel, our shareholders’ journey commenced with a visit to The Campus, our head office located in Pun Hlaing Estate. This visit and an overview of our HR initiatives provided them with a firsthand look at our culture and workplace, offering valuable insights into our day-to-day operations. Notably, many shareholders observed that our workforce mirrored the youthful demographics of Myanmar’s population.

Welcoming speech by Mr. Melvyn Pun, CEO of Yoma Group

Wave Money presentation by Wave Money Management Team

During this visit, our Yoma Land and Wave Money management teams delivered insightful presentations on the two businesses slated as the primary drivers of the Group’s future growth potential. CEO Mr. Melvyn Pun and CFO Mr. JR Ching actively participated, addressing shareholders’ queries in these engaging sessions. Following these informative sessions, we embarked on a tour of Pun Hlaing Estate, an enclave featuring landed homes and low-rise apartments set amidst lush greenery surrounding an 18-hole Gary Player- designed golf course. Shareholders had the opportunity to explore our latest launches – The Hills, Lotus Hills, and Lotus Pavilion Club House – all leaving a positive impression with their exceptional quality and design. To cap off this eventful day, we convened for dinner at Awei Metta, offering our shareholders a delightful experience of traditional Shan cuisine. The evening provided a platform for our management team and shareholders to engage in meaningful interactions and foster connections.

Shareholders exploring the show flat of The Lotus Hills

Day 2: Discovering Yangon's Culture and Yoma Land Development

With the morning temperature at a comfortable 21 degrees Celsius, some shareholders embraced the opportunity for a leisurely walk or jog around Pun Hlaing Estate, savoring the serene sunrise before our scheduled gathering. The unique charm of staying at Pun Hlaing Estate lies in its proximity to nature.

We assembled at 9:00 am at Awei Metta, beginning with a visit to the City Loft West showflat and a tour of the Paduak Gardens project. Both developments have witnessed robust sales within our affordable housing offerings.

Following our morning activities, we delved into the vibrant Junction City shopping mall in downtown Yangon, fully immersing ourselves in the pulsating retail atmosphere. Shareholders seized the opportunity to shop for local food products at the supermarket. Alongside shopping, they enjoyed dining at KFC and YKKO, our popular local noodle food chain, both integral to our F&B offerings. At KFC, many shareholders praised the freshness and flavour of the fried chicken.

Shareholders enjoying lunch at KFC (Junction City)

Continuing the day’s agenda, shareholders visited the Yoma Central project site and explored the Yoma Central private residences showroom. Spanning over 2 million square feet, Yoma Central is a mixed-use development set to feature residential, office, retail, and hotel spaces upon completion, significantly enhancing our rental offerings. Shareholders gained insights into the project’s scale through detailed explanations from the project and sales teams.

In the evening, shareholders gathered for a delightful dinner at the Governor’s Residence, which offered another opportunity for discussions, clarifications, and meaningful conversations with our management team.

Yoma Central Project Site briefing presented by project director

Yoma Central private residence showroom visit

Day 3: StarCity Transformation and Leadership Engagement

The concluding day of our tour began with a visit to StarCity, one of our key real estate developments that has undergone significant transformation over the past four years. The completion of over 1,000 homes has led to a surge in the resident population from less than 3,000 to over 7,000. Shareholders who were revisiting StarCity noted the substantial changes, witnessing showflats they had seen earlier now transformed into completed homes. The evolution of StarCity stands as an immense source of pride for our Group. Chairman Mr. Serge Pun warmly welcomed shareholders at the sales gallery, sharing his vision for StarCity. During the visit, we explored various housing projects and amenities, including CityLoft, Star Villas, City Villas, and Galaxy Towers.

Mr. Serge Pun, Chairman of Yoma Group, provided a brief explanation of the StarCity masterplan

Lunch was served at YKKO, providing a hearty meal to energise us for the remainder of the tour. We proceeded to the StarCity Sport Club (SCSC), one of Yangon’s leading international-standard indoor and outdoor sports complexes.

The visit to StarCity concluded with an hour-long Q&A session with Mr. Serge Pun, Mr. Melvyn Pun, and Mr. JR Ching, offering shareholders a direct platform to engage with the leadership team.

Shareholders delight in a lunch experience at YKKO restaurant

Shareholders delight in a lunch experience at YKKO restaurant

Q&A session with Chairman, CEO and CFO

Adding a historical touch to our Yangon experience, we enjoyed a guided tour of The Secretariat, one of the Yangon’s iconic landmarks. Finally, we wrapped up the tour with dinner at The Atlas restaurant, where shareholders enjoyed captivating views of the splendid Shwedagon Pagoda.

Exploring The Secretariat, an iconic Yangon landmark

Shareholders with the stunning views of the Shwedagon Pagoda from Atlas restaurant.

Yoma Strategic’s Shareholders' Feedback: Fostering Trust, Transparency, and Confidence

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interact with the team. Yoma Strategic is fortunate to have good people sticking with them through these tough times. I’m confident the company will survive and achieve greater heights in future.”

“Thank you to Yoma Strategic’s team for the great hospitality you have accorded to us, much appreciated! I am glad I came and learned so much from all of you and my fellow shareholders. Now I can imagine the possibilities of Yoma. But we need you to make it happen for all of us…”

“Every detail was well planned from start to finish and I really appreciate all the effort you put in to make this an unforgettable experience for all of us.”

“Thank you, Yoma Strategic team, for an insightful trip. I am happy to be an advocate of Yoma. You do have great potential. Like the green shoots on the tree.”

“Just a note to express my gratitude for the time and effort taken to organise this trip for us. It has been a humbling experience for me, and I am glad to be able to able to participate in the trip. Please help me to convey my thanks to those who were there to guide us.”

We greatly appreciate the positive feedback received from our shareholders, highlighting the thoughtfully planned itinerary, warm hospitality, and the invaluable insights gained throughout the trip. These comments stand as a testament to the journey’s positive impact, further reinforcing our shareholders’ confidence in Yoma Strategic’s future growth.